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About Us

Shorebird is the UK’s market-leading innovator in online recruitment tools. Our world-class solutions are personalised to deliver a potent combination of efficiency and value. We support businesses with powerful applicant tracking software that manages every stage of the hiring process.

That is not all. At Shorebird, we understand that efficiency starts with attraction. That is why we combine applicant tracking software with results-driven solutions that ensure hiring organisations improve conversion rates. Our bespoke applications and dynamic services save businesses time and money by attracting applicants with the right profiles.

About Shorebird Shorebird has changed the face of recruitment. Since we launched in 2012, we have reduced the cost of recruitment for thousands of businesses across the UK and beyond. We have made the hiring process an exact science while simplifying every stage of applicant tracking.

Our clients spend less with recruitment agencies, yet they achieve the highest levels of exposure. Brands trust Shorebird to ensure their vacancies reach and attract the right candidates. And they trust us to deliver efficiencies with quality, cost-effective applications that take care of the rest.

Shorebird has led the way, putting hiring managers and HR professionals back in the driving seat. We provide tailored advertising campaigns, careers sites and recruitment resources, as well as the best applicant tracking tools in the businesses.

If you want to work with a brand that puts efficiency and excellence at the core of everything it does, talk to Shorebird. We are the people committed to serving the individual needs of businesses while never overlooking their need to stay in control.